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TMAM full version available for free through GetJar’s Gold App program

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If you still haven’t gotten the full version of TMAM you can get it free if you act quickly.  I have been working with the 3rd party app store to make the app available for free starting today.  Just look under the Gold Apps or search the store for the app and download the full featured version at no cost!!

Solving problem with TMAM not replying on some phones

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Text Message Away Message was recently featured as Amazon’s Free App of the Day.  Being free it was flooded with people downloading it without reading the description and sending me a ton of emails.  I’m finally catching up on all of them and I did find a legit issue among some of those emails.  Some users are reporting that TMAM is not replying at all when they get a text message.  This isn’t an unusual thing for me to be emailed about because by design TMAM does not reply to a message from the same user it has already received a message from in the last 5 minutes.  However the flood of new users did find something that had been unreported up until now.

Through some research I found that there are 3rd party SMS/Text Message apps which block the low level notifications Android sends apps such as TMAM which indicate that a text message was received.  GO SMS, a major 3rd party SMS/Text app recently added a new default behavior which blocks this notification for all other apps.  Obviously the ability for an app to break the fundamental signaling mechanisms Android uses is a major flaw in Android.

Most developers would never forcibly cause other apps from functioning but that doesn’t seem to be the case in this instance.  At the time I’m writing this there is a work around to fix this for GO SMS.  If you open Go SMS, press MENU->SETTINGS->RECEIVE SETTINGS and then uncheck “Disable other message notification” it will shut down the signal blocking.  Of course uninstalling Go SMS and replacing it with a better written SMS app also solves the problem.  For those interested in a technical details of what’s happening check out this post on stackoverflow

Website launched

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I’ll be updating this website to give the latest information on the most popular, user friendly sms auto reply app on the Android market

Try it out free at

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